LauraStar GO Plus White

$ 1,499.00
SKU: LAU0081
LauraStar GO Plus White
  • 100% cotton, 100% polyester foam padding
  • Active board: Equipped with a blower and vacuum system for a perfect result without creases.
  • Professional iron: A professional soleplate which diffuses an ultrafine, powerful steam.
  • Start and auto stop: Ready to use in 8 minutes. Automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of non-use.
  • Constant pressure: 3.5 bars (double volume). Iron soleplate: Aluminium, brushed finish
  • Easy folding board with adjustable height (31.1 to 37.4 inches) for all ironing requirements.
  • Swiss Technology/Design

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Use & Care

1.) Do not immerse product in water or other liquids.
2.) Always disconnect the power from Laurastar, by unplugging the power cable, after each use.
3.) Do not use metal scrubbers, harsh chemicals or scouring powders, as they can damage the product.  Instead, use a soft and clean cloth for cleaning.
4.) Do not iron or apply steam to clothing while it is being worn.  Steam is Hot!
5.) Please refer to User’s Manual for more detailed info.



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