Roland Exclusive Climabalance?? All-Year

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SKU: KAU0201
Roland Exclusive Climabalance ®, For All-Year

The patented CLIMABALANCE® system substantially contributes towards a significantly improved quality of sleep thanks to its unique patented air pockets.

Each air pocket helps your body release its natural moisture and excess heat, the high quality of the duvet means you don’t feel cold!

The result is a DRY HEAT and a scientifically proven better quality of sleep.


  • Made in Germany.
  • Manufacture uses the highest quality down possible. Crafted with 100% white Masuria down, filled manually box for box to guarantee that over 95% of the fill is Masuria down, not feathers.
  • Our comforters are specially custom-made to highest quality standards. And it is rated 1A.
  • Every single comforter is individually quality tested before leaving the factory.
  • Roland Exclusive Climabalance down is cleaned perfectly to conform with US standards.
  • Roland Exclusive Climabalance has a fill power of over 760.
  • The cover material is Super finest Batiste 200 100% Egyptian cotton, and is not treated with chemicals unlike other comforter covers to prevent down from falling out.
  • The thread count is 348 for the cover.

Dimensions & More Info

Made in Germany

Available in 5 sizes:

  • Cal King : 260cm X 230cm
    • All-Year (Filling weight  oz)
  • King : 250cm X 230cm
    • All-Year (Filling weight 36 oz)
  • Queen : 220cm X 230cm
    • All-Year (Filling weight 31 oz)
  • Full : 200cm X 220cm
    • All-Year (Filling weight 28oz)
  • Twin : 172cm X 220cm
    • All-Year (Filling weight   oz)

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