Christian Fischbacher Queen Comforter Duvet Cover, Purolino Ivory

$ 2,100.00
SKU: CHF2181

Christian Fischbacher's Purolino quality is simply the highest quality crisp, pure Italian linen & cotton, for those who love the light Mediterranean look and casual feel of linen.

100% pure linen fabric Purolino is made out of the choicest flax, grown in the Western European coastal regions. It is woven by an Italian linen specialist.

  • Queen: 220cm X 230cm


Use & Care

  • Always follow the care instruction labels attached to each item
  • Christian Fischbacher recommends that washing new linens prior to use
  • Recommended to wash whites, light colors, and dark colors separately. Close any buttons or zippers so the items won’t get entangled.
  • Wash all Christian Fischbacher bed linens in warm water (60 °C/ 140 F) with non-detergent soaps such as linen washes or laundry soaps for infants. These soaps should not contain optical brighteners, such as bleach, which fades colors.
  • Never overload your washer or dryer & never mix bed linens with bath towels, denim or other household laundry.
  • See your manufacturer’s instructions for load volumes.
  • Dryer instructions: Christian Fischbacher cotton bed linens can safely be tumble dried on medium heat, do not tumble dry until fully dry. Remove while still slightly damp. Shake lightly to restore the shape and smooth out creases.
  • Ironing instructions: Fabrics are best ironed on the back side on medium heat while slightly damp. This retrains the maximum shine on the satin finishes. Jersey needs no ironing
  • Warning: Do Not Bleach.
  • Must use only delicate shorter cycle, lower the heat and dry clean alone 
  • Low Heat Iron only. We advise everyone not to iron letters on the fabric.



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