Fissler Solea 8-piece Cookware Set

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Fissler Solea 8-piece Cookware Set
  • High-quality German cookware, with functional features, and sophisticated design.
  • Includes extra-large, stay-cool handles that are comfortable and easy to use
  • Glass-lid allows you to view the cooking process
  • Includes the CookStar all-stove base that heats food quickly and evenly
  • Safe for oven-use and Dishwasher-proof

Dimensions & More Info

Made in Germany

Set Includes:
  • 2.4qt. (2.3L) / 7.9in (20cm) Casserole
  • 2.0qt. (1.9L) / 6.3in (16cm) Stew Pot with lid
  • 2.4qt. (2.3L) / 7.1in (18cm) Stew Pot with lid
  • 3.4qt. (3.2L) / 7.9in (20cm) Stew Pot with lid

Use & Care

  • Before using for the first time: Clean the cookware thoroughly and cleanse in boiling water.
  • Avoid overheating: Never heat your cookware on high heat for longer than 2 minutes. Overheating may cause the bottom of the pot to turn a golden color. However, this discoloration does not affect its performance. Extreme overheating may damage the bottom of the pot. In this case, never remove the pot from the heat, otherwise, you may risk burning yourself. Switch off the heat and allow the pot to cool



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