Hurom HH/HG Elite Slow Juicer (Before 2015) Spare Parts: Ultem Strainer, Fine

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SKU: HRM9402
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Hurom HH/HG Elite Slow Juicer Spare Parts: Ultem Strainer (Coarse)

Fits Model (Compatible ONLY with Elite models made before 2015):

HG Elite Slow Juicer Spare Parts (HG-SBB11)
HH Elite Slow Juicer Spare Parts (HH-SBB11)
If you purchased any Elite Model purchased during or after 2015, please check to see when it was manufactured to see if it is compatible with our Elite spare parts. 
Made in Korea
Please be sure to check your juicer's model number before you make a purchase, and make sure to check if the spare part you are purchasing is compatible with your juicer's model. If you aren't sure about the model you carry, please give us a call or email us at before making a purchase for further assistance.



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