MediTech LindaSoft Bio Latex Pillow


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MediTech LindaSoft Bio Latex Pillow
  • The Linda Soft ® neck support pillow (developed by the American sleep researcher Dr. Linda H. Dixon) helps neck problems, and helps eases tension and headaches by the anatomically positioning the head
  • Noticeable relief of the neck as well as relaxation of muscles and ligaments.
  • Tested in German rehabilitation clinics
  • Gently sloping neck cavity with transition to a head molding
  • You can easily sleep on your side or back.
  • The soft core of this neck pillow is made of high quality Talalay latex
  • Due to its open cell structure the cushion is very adaptable, particularly permeable to air and stable.
  • High elasticity and durability
  • Oeko-Tex certificates

Dimensions & More Info

Made in Germany

Dim: 23 in X 17 in X 5 in

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