Millefiori Via Brera Fragrance Diffuser 250 ML, Tangerine Garden

$ 50.00
SKU: MIL0007
  • Tangerine Garden fragrance diffuser
  • Fragrance notes: orange, grapefruit, lemon, violet
  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Fragrance lasts approximately 4 months
  • More Millefiori fragrance diffusers also available

Fill your home with the refreshing scent of this Tangerine Garden Via Brera fragrance diffuser from Millefiori. Wonderfully uplifting, it blends orange, grapefruit and lemon with rose, violet and coumarin to create a unique scent that revitalises any room it's placed in. Bringing the freshness of summer into your home, the scent is continuously emitted via wooden sticks that can be rotated to give reinvigorated scent when required. In a stylish Millefiori bottle, the Tangerine Garden Via Brera diffuser makes a wonderful gift idea for any occasion.



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