Wedgwood Wild strawberry Creamer 146

$ 116.00
SKU: WWU0006

Wedgwood - Strawberries and cream is an English institution and the succulence of wild strawberries gave inspiration to the Wild Strawberry Collection by Wedgwood. This Creamer is rendered in crisp, clean whiteware hand-decorated with finely-drawn leaves, flowers and succulent red strawberries. A lustrous rim of 22-karat gold completes the decoration of this elegant and whimsical dinnerware collection and adds just a touch of delicious opulence to any entertaining occasion.Collection: Wild Strawberry Depth: 4-2 3 Height: 4-2 5 Material: Fine Bone China Shape: Round Style: Floral Type: Fine Weight: 0.23g Width: 4-2 3.



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