Pure-profi Collection High Stock Pot with Lid, 14.8 Quart


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Pure-Profi Collection Large Stock Pot with Lid, 14.8 Quart 

14.8qt capacity / 11" diameter

Since 1974, our Original-Profi Collection® has been copied millions of times, but only the pioneer can set new standards. Crafted according to the current quality standards, the Pure-Profi Collection represents the design evolution of this classic pot. The design is of the Pure-Profi Collection is straight-lined and clean, yet with a striking contour. It is the perfect pot series for aesthetes with high quality standards, because the Pure-Profi Collection makes a clear lifestyle statement – and not only in open kitchens. The induction-compatible Cookstar® all-stove base of the Pure-Profi Collection pots absorbs, distributes, and stores heat extremely efficiently. This allows the input energy to be used efficiently. With its condensate-plus function, the metal lid ensures that condensed steam drips back down into the pot, keeping the food inside juicy and tasty. The stay-cool metal handles ensure that the handles remain at a pleasant temperature during cooking, so that it can be touched without oven gloves or similar. The laser-etched measuring scale not only saves you from having to use a measuring cup, it is also so robust that the etched units (litres and quart) will help you measure liquids even after decades of use. The extra-wide pouring rim lets you pour liquids without dripping, resulting in clean working surfaces.

Weight 10.70 lbs
Size 16 x 12 x 10 inch
Package size 14.6 Inch x 13.6 Inch x 11 Inch
Capacity 14.8 qt
Materials Premium Steel
Editions Pure-Profi Collection     
Diameter 11 inch
Country of production Germany
Product kind stew pot hight
Measuring scale Yes
Body height 9.4 Inch
Capacity scale 12 l
Surface outside Satined 
ovenproof up to 230 °C