Registry FAQ

➢ How can I buy an item from a registry?

Click “Find” under the Gift Registry options menu, then search for the name of the person who registered with us. After clicking on the name of their registry, you can select the item and go to its product page. Any items bought at this point will be purchased from the registry. You can also purchase a gift by changing the quantity on the main registry page from 0 to the amount you want to buy and then clicking “Checkout” at the bottom of the page.

➢ How can I control how the couple gets the gift?

The shipping address the couple wants the gifts sent to is automatically filled in at checkout. If you want to ship the gift to yourself to personally give to the couple, just change the shipping address to your own. If you want the couple to pick up the gift from the store, you can select that option in the shipping menu.

➢ Will the couple be notified of my gift purchase?

They will receive an email notification.

➢Why hasn’t the registry updated to reflect my purchase?

Although the system should update the registry automatically, it can take up to 48 hours. Please contact us if the registry hasn’t updated within 48 hours of your purchase.

➢ What if I get duplicates of a gift?

Although the registry should automatically update and prevent duplicate purchases, in the unlikely event of a duplicate please contact us about exchanging the gift for another item.

➢ What happens if an item on my registry goes on sale?

The prices of items on the registry will automatically reflect any online sale pricing.

➢ How long will my registry stay active on the website?

Your registry will remain active until you delete it or we will close it one year after your event.

➢ What do registrant and co-registrant mean?

The names of the couple that made the registry.