Viewer's Voting Info

Viewers’ Voting Session (February 1st-29th, 2016)

As viewers, this is your chance to vote for a video that you thought was the most enjoyable and creative!

Vote for your favorite video submissions through our following Facebook page:

Simply click on the “Roland Shop’s K-Food Video Contest” tab next to the “Shop” tab. Once you have clicked the tab, you will be able to see a "Vote" Tab next to the "Enter" Tab, only once the voting process is in session (February 1st)

You will be able to see the voting tab once the viewer's voting is in session (February 1st) 

You will not be able to see any of the video entries until February 1st, 2016

Each person will be limited to one vote. 

The viewers’ votes will account for 50% of the entire voting process.