Fissler The Levital®+ Flat Frying Pan


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  • Fissler The Levital®+ Flat Frying Pan

    Experience effortless cooking and easy food release with the Fissler Levital®+ Flat Frying Pan, expertly crafted with premium quality materials made in Germany. This next-generation flat frying pan features the optimal non-stick coating for easy turning and delicate food.Designed with a flat rim, the Levital®+ Flat Frying Pan makes it easy to turn and slide out food, perfect for whether you're cooking delicate fish or sautéing vegetables. Constructed from up to 60% recycled aluminum, this flat pan provides superior heat conductivity with the exclusive Fissler Cookstar® base guaranteeing even heat distribution, ensuring that your food cooks evenly and to perfection.The Levital®+ Flat Frying Pan is perfect for gently frying delicate ingredients or cooking up a healthy meal. Enjoy comfort and ease when cooking with the Levital®+ Flat pan.

    • Made without PFOA
    • Water-based Levital® Non-Stick coating
    • Ideal for gently frying foods 
    • Exclusive, energy efficient Fissler Cookstar® base for optimal heat distribution
    • Sustainably made from up to 60% recycled aluminum
    • 9.4" (24cm), 11" (28cm)
    • Made in Germany