Fissler Crispy Steelux Comfort Frypan 28cm


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Fissler Crispy Steelux Premium Frypan
  • 11 inch frypan/skillet made in Germany with high quality 18/10 stainless steel
  • Novogrill at the bottom has a honeycomb texture that allows for nonstick grilling without any oils
  • Easy-to-grip handles
  • Has a CookStar base which is safe to use on any type of stove

Dimensions & More Info

Made in Germany

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 9.5in (24cm)
  • 11.0in (28cm)

Use & Care

  • Heat the stainless steel pan to medium heat without oil.
  • Wait 3-4 minutes and then perform the water test.
  • Simply use your fingers to flick a little cold water into the pan if the water "nces" around in pearl-shaped s, the pan is at the right temperature.
  • Briefly wipe the pan with a paper towel and then add the oil.