Goodbye Detergent Kitchen Cleaning Pads

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Take care of your cookware, appliances, and the environment by using the Goodbye Detergent kitchen cleaning pads. You spent a lot of money on your pans and appliances. Don't ruin your cookware and appliances with harsh chemicals and rusty steel pads! Say goodbye to detergents because none is needed for general scouring, polishing, and removing minor stains. If you do want to use a little soap or cleaner, go right ahead, but only a little is needed because the natural abrasives will do the rest.

Kitchen Cleaning Pad, Heavy Duty (GBD0200


Use For: Removing burns and stubborns stains from non-coated metal cookware

Materials: Non-woven nylon, Alumina

Kitchen Cleaning Pad, Enamel (GBD0202)

Use For: Polishing and removing minor stains from enamel cookware

Materials: Non-woven nylon, polyurethane, pumice stone 

Kitchen Cleaning Pad, Stainless Steel (GBD0201)

Use for: Polishing and removing minor stains, water spots, and fingerprints from stainless steel cookware and appliances

Materials: Non-woven nylon, polyurethane, recycled plastic


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