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Incen Air Filter info & history

Icleen and IQAir air cleaning devices are engineered and built in Switzerland and are the result of over 40 years of experience in indoor air purification. Each device is a living example of Swiss precision engineering, superior craftsmanship and the constant pursuit of perfection. Developed by a team of Swiss and German air filtration specialists, the devices are based on the concept of using modular components which are carefully selected after analyzing your particular needs and requirements. The advanced nature of the product line is reflected by the numerous worldwide patents.  Incen manufactures the world's most comprehensive line of advanced air cleaning devices. Offered exclusively by Roland Products, Incen and Roland teamed up to bring you the most technologically advanced air cleaner available in the US today.

IQ HealthPro Plus

HealthPro Design Advances

Specialized Air Cleaner

Controls small particles and moderate amounts of gaseous contaminants and odor.

HiFlow™ Technology

Removal of gaseous pollutants and odors at high air flow rates

Hypa/Ulpa Filter Element

Choose between efficiencies of 97% at 0.3 microns and 99.9997% at 0.12 microns. Individually tested filter elements available.

Professional Pre-Filtration

Most HEPA air cleaners feature pre-filters with efficiencies of well below 20%. As a result, the HEPA and activated carbon filters will clog quickly with dust particles, reducing the life and performance of these filters. The HealthPro 250 features a pre-filter which removes over 90% of all particulate mass. Consequently, the IQAir HEPA and the IQAir gas phase filters will last up to 10 times longer than their counterparts in conventional air cleaners.

Advanced Controls

The unit provides five fan speed settings and a sophisticated filter monitoring system that calculates the remaining life of each individual filter. The unit also features an integrated timer and a remote control.

HealthPro Key Benefits

  • Air Outlet Diffuser
  • 5 speeds, timer, and remote control
  • Low energy consumption
  • No air drafts
  • Hepa/Ulpa Filter Elements 
  • Pre-Filter Element 

    ICleen Health Premium
    Health Premium Design Advances:

    No Air Drafts

    The Even-flow diffuser returns cleaned air to the room without drafts.

    HyperHEPA Technology

    Has 100 times higher retention of airborne particles than regular high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) 

    Powerful Gas & Odor Filtration

    Features a PowerSorp filter which contains a unique blend of activated carbon and over 2 kg (4.5 lbs) of active alumina for the removal of gases and unpleasant odors.

    Dual Impact Ionization

    Generates a constant stream of negative ions which are evenly dispersed in the airflow. The unique position of the dual ionizers in front of the final filtration stage means that virtually no charged particles are released with the clean air. The negative ions serve to balance the surplus positive ions that is present in many pollute indoor environments.

    Ultra-Quiet Design 

    Fan is positioned between two noise-absorbing filters. Dual wall design absorbs sound and eight rubber shock absorbers reduce vibrations.

    Superior Air Delivery

    Most powerful fan in its class.

    High-capacity Pre-filtration

    Super-efficient pre-filter element allows the PowerSorp and HyperHEPA filter to last up to five times longer. The pre-filter only has to be replaced about once a year.

     Elegant and Functional Design

    The design features incorporated in the elegant exterior enable quick access to all filter elements, easy mobility, and above all guarantee maximum air cleaning performance for many years to come.

    Superior Total System Efficiency

    The entire system performs at 99.97% filter efficiency for particles 0.3 microns in size or larger. The minimum efficiency for smaller particles, such as bacteria and viruses, is 99% or higher. Regular HEPA perform at 70% or less efficiency.

    Health Premium Key Benefits:

    • Official Certificates of Performance
    • Controls dust, pet allergens, pollen, dust mite allergens, soot, bacteria, viruses, tobacco odor, pet odors, cooking odors, paint fumes, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), smog, and ozone
    • HyperHEPA Performance: over 99.97% efficient for particles of 0.3 microns and larger
    • Ultra-quiet Design
    • Superior Air Delivery Rates
    • 6 Speeds, Timer and Remote Control
    • Low Energy Consumption
    • No Air Drafts
    • Elegant Design

    Four Air Treatment Stages:

    1 – Hospital-grade HEPA Filter

    2 – Special Activated Carbon Filter

    3 – Dual Ionizer

    4 – High-efficiency Pre-filter

    Advanced Controls

    • Intelligent Filter Life Monitor
    • Programmable Timer
    • Six Fan Speed Settings
    • Indicator LEDs
    • Low Operating Cost

    Independent Filter Stages

    Only replace those filters which are used up.

    Filter Life Monitor

    Accurately monitors replacement need.

    Automatic Timer

    Clean the air when you need it; conserve filter life when you don’t.

    Outstanding Energy Efficiency

    So economical that it only costs pennies per day to use.

    • Patented Technology & Certified Performance
    • Awarded two US patents
    • Certified Performance
    • Swiss precision & quality


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