Incen iCleen #1 Filter Pre-Filter


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Incen iCleen #1 Filter -Antimicrobial High-Capacity Pre-Filter
  • Exclusively designed and built in Switzerland.
  • Icleen HealthPremium is the ultimate air cleaning solution for every homes.
  • Each iCleen product is individually tested and certified for guaranteed performance.
  • Antimicrobial High-Capacity Pre-Filter - The Healt"Premium's super-efficient antimicrobial pre-filter element allows the PowerSorp and HyperHEPA-filter to last up to 5 times longer. 
  • It has a large filter surface area of 30 ft2 (2.8 m2). This ensures that the filter will only have to be replaced approximately once a year.
  • The use of extra large filter surfaces and high media content results in an ultra-long filter life.
  • 100% Ozone Free - iCleen Health Premium produces no ozone.
  • High Quality The use of the very best components and materials means trouble-free long term performance.

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Made in Switzerland

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