Roland Exclusive Ivy Down Comforter

Roland Exclusive

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 Roland Exclusive Ivy Down Comforter
  • Made in Germany. 
  • Manufacture uses the highest quality down. Crafted with 100% white Masurian down, filled manually box for box to guarantee that over 95% of the fill is Masurian down, not feathers. 
  • Our comforters are specially "custom-made" to highest quality standards. And it is rated 1A. 
  • Every single comforter is individually quality tested before leaving the factory. 
  • Roland Ivy′s down is cleaned perfectly to conform with US standards, and is medically treated by a patented process to be allergy-proof. 
  • Roland Ivy has a fill power of over 700.

Dimensions & More info

Made in Germany
Available in 4 sizes:
  • Twin 172 X 220cm, 25 oz
  • Full 200 X 220cm, 30 oz
  • Queen 34 oz
  • King 39oz

Use & Care

  • Dry Cleaning