Roland Bedding and Linens Trade-in Sale

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25% or 30% off on Roland’s comforters or Duvet Covers!

Make sure to take part in this event during  October 23rd- 31st

More information below:


25% off Roland’s comforters or Duvet Covers:

  • Bring in a used comforter for 25% off on any Roland Down-Comforter.
  • Bring in a used bedding cover to receive 25% off on any Roland Duvet Cover.


30% off Roland’s comforter or Duvet Covers:

  • Trade in a used Roland or Christian Fischbacher comforter for 30% off on any Roland Down-Comforter.
  • Trade in a used Roland or Christian Fischbacher bedding cover to get 30% off on any Roland Duvet Cover.


This trade-in sale event will take place in Roland LA!

3400 W. Olympic Blvd Los Angeles CA 90019

Tel. 323-731-1111


*Trade-in sale is valid exclusively offline at our Los Angeles location.


Roland Exclusive Comforter

Roland Comforters are designed with the highest quality of down that comes from Siberia. The down is collected from the neck of the goose, which is considered the softest down quality. The comforters are hygienically processed, and it is then carefully treated to retain the original properties of the down. Down shrinks in cold temperatures to retain heat, but in hot temperatures down expands for more air-flow. This means that our comforters will adjust to any weather throughout the year. Roland Comforters are uniquely crafted in order to bring happiness and comfort to individuals, all year-long.

Christian Fischbacher Duvet Cover

European linens custom-made by Christian Fischbacher (est. 1819) will captivate you with their innovative designs, beautiful fabric, and superb craftsmanship. Christian Fischbacher’s bedlinen collection is characterized by their contemporary and creative designs crafted with the highest quality silk and cotton available. Their covers are versatile and come in a wide range of prints, satisfying various individuals’ tastes.

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