K-Food Video Contest Voting Window Open!

Posted by RolandShop Customer Service on

We are excited to announce that our K-Food Video Contest window is officially open!

It is now your time to vote and show us which contestant you believe deserves 1st place along with a generous $1000 cash prize. There are a variety of entertaining submitted cooking videos, and now it's your turn to decide which video made the most impact on you! 

Please visit https://www.facebook.com/rolandshopcom/app/403834839671843/ to vote for your favorite cooking video! Simply click the "vote" button displayed on each video and place your vote. 

Maybe you want to place your votes via mobile instead.. Don't worry, we got you covered! You can make your vote count at: http://woobox.com/ea9mi9

We look forward to seeing the results of this contest and we would also like to thank everyone for taking the time to place their votes! 

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