ICleen Air Cleaners 25% Off Trade-in Sale

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Incen ICleen Air Cleaners 25% off Trade-in Sale!
From April 18th-30th, come into our offline retail locations and trade in your old air-cleaners in exchange for 25% off on a brand new ICleen Air Cleaner


Some people tend to believe that their indoor environments are safe from the harmful outdoor pollutants. However, studies have proven that the air in our homes and offices are 2 to 5, and sometimes even 100 times as polluted as outdoor air. Since we spend 90% of our time indoors, it is no surprise that indoor air pollutants can have serious effects on our short- and long-term health.

Luckily, the ICleen air cleaners have come to the rescue! These air cleaners are an advanced air cleaning solution for people who have high air quality needs. The HealthPremium can filter out airborne microorganism (such as bacteria, viruses and mold spores). It also offers a unique blend of granular gas-phase removal media which enables the wide-spectrum filtration of toxic chemicals. Each HealthPremium is individually tested and certified for filtration efficiency and air delivery. Unlike other air cleaners, the ICleen HealthPremium produces no ozone and is 100% Ozone-free!

Turn around the air-quality within your indoor environment with the ICleen air cleaners! 

This event is exclusively offline at Roland Shop's L.A. and Fullerton locations:

3400 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90019

For Questions or Inquiries Contact LA: 323-731-1111, Fullerton: 714-739-8888

Air Pollutants and their Effects:
Individuals with respiratory problems (e.g., allergy and asthma sufferers) are primarily affected by airborne pollutants and allergens, whereas individuals with weak immune systems are especially at risk of becoming infected by airborne pathogens. However, it is a well-researched fact that general air pollution, tobacco smoke, toxic building materials, chemical household products can also seriously affect the well-being of healthy individuals, and can shorten our life expectancy.
What to expect from the iCleen Health Premium?
In simple terms, the HealthPremium is the ultimate air cleaning solution for individuals who desire to breathe clean and healthy air, thus protecting themselves and their families from health issues associated with polluted air. In domestic, office and commercial settings, the system can help to provide a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable living and working climate by filtering allergens, pathogens, chemical pollution and unpleasant odours. Sophisticated laser particle counters show that the air flowing through the HealthPremium is effectively stripped of 99.97% of particles (≥ 0.3 μm). This efficiency meets even the high filtration standards required by operation theatres in high-tech hospitals. As a result, the HealthPremium can be used even in critical hospital environments where the filtration of airborne microorganisms (such as bacteria, viruses and mould spores) is required as part of an infection control strategy. For the powerful control of gaseous chemicals and odours the HealthPremium offers a unique blend of granular gas phase removal media which enables the wide-spectrum filtration of toxic chemicals.            


Powerful Gas & Odour Filtration
The HealthPremim features a Power-Sorp gas and odour filter which contains a unique blend of activated carbon and impregnated active alumina for the removal of a wide variety of gases and unpleasant odours.                                                                              
Dual Impact Ionization
The dual ionization stage generates a constant stream of negative ions which are evenly dispersed in the airflow. The negative ions generated by the HealthPremium serve to balance the surplus of positive ions that is present in many polluted indoor environments and thereby contribute to a pleasant climate.                                                
Effective Removal of Deadly Viruses
The HealthPremium  HyperHEPA Filter have been individually tested and the results show that it even removes ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns in size with a guaranteed minimum filtration efficiency of 99.5%. This means that the icleen system reliably captures pollutants and microorganisms up to 100 times smaller than ordinary air cleaners and 10 times smaller than a virus.

The video down below demonstrates how powerful and advanced the ICleen air cleaners are in effectively removing dangerous chemicals and pollutants in the air. 

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