Summer Bedding Gift Sale!

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Summer Bedding Gift Sale 6/15-6/30/16

Stay cool this summer during our Summer Bedding Gift Sale! This summer, Roland Shop will be bringing out the most light-weight bedding to stay refreshed and comfortable: The Roland Satina Comforter, the Kauffman Silver Mattress Pad, & the Roland Exclusive Emperor Down Summer Comforter, & more! The best part is that you will receive a free gift along with your purchase!

  • Roland Satina Comforter or the Kauffman Silver Mattress Pad purchase: Free gift of either the Fissler 28 cm Alux Pan or the 28 cm Steelux Pan
  • Roland Exclusive Emperor Down Summer Comforter purchase: Free gift of the Satina Comforter, the Fissler Solar Wok, or 50% off Christian Fischbacher Comforter Covers!

It’s time to take your pick!

This event will take place offline at our Los Angeles location from 6/15-6/30/15 at the following address: 
3400 W. Olympic Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90019


Read more about the advantages of the bedding we have to offer down below:

Roland Satina Comforter

Cover: 100% cotton sateen, custom ivory color

Filling:  100% Tencel (fiber made from Eucalyptus plant tissues)


  • Machine washable
  • All natural materials
  • Very light weight
  • Better humidity control than down or lambswool to reduce sweating
  • Cool in summer and warm in winter

Tencel, the New Age Fiber

Fine as silk, strong as polyester, cool and pleasant like linen, easy care like acrylic, as warm as lambswool, and absorbs 130% more vapor than cotton. 

Kauffman Silver Mattress Pad

The Kauffman Silver Mattress Pad is ideal for surviving hot summer nights. The combined efforts of the Silver and Tencel elements of the mattress pad, results in a cooler and better night’s sleep during hot temperatures. Both Tencel and Silver are great for humidity control and reduces sweating, making the Kauffman the best mattress pad for a comfortable sleep.

Filling: Tencel

Upper Side: Silver Protection Knitted Fabric

44% tencel, 30% polyamid,12% cotton,11% polyester, 3% silver

Bottom side: 100% cotton

Advantages of Silver:

  • Silver prevents germs, bacteria, mold, and viruses from forming
  • Eliminates odor including odors from sweat
  • Reduces humidity, which also stop dust mites from forming
  • Beneficial to your body’s circulation while you’re sleeping
  • Eliminates the surrounding electromagnetic waves

Roland Exclusive Down Summer Comforter

The Roland Exclusive Down Summer Comforter is extremely light-weight, and made of the highest quality down possible. Crafted with 100% white Siberian Down, these comforters are custom-made to the highest quality standards, rated 1A1A. Each down is cleaned perfectly to conform to US Standards, and is also medically treated by a patented process to be allergy-proof.


  • Fill Power of over 800
  • Siberian Goose Down is warm in the winter and cool during the summer
  • Rated 1A1A
  • Allergy-Proof

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