The Daily Grind: How to Grind Coffee Beans

Posted by Joanne Kim on

For many individuals, the day only begins once they have had their first sip of coffee. If you are one of these people then you may also be aware of how expensive it is to purchase coffee at a chain every day. Making it at home is your best option and once you learn to grind your own beans, you can become your own barista.

There are 5 types of grinds for coffee:

  • Coarse- Chunky, potting soil consistency.
  • Medium- Coarse sand
  • Fine- Sugar/salt consistency
  • Super Fine- Almost like powdered sugar with a bit of grit.
  • Turkish Grind- Flour-like consistency

French presses, cold brew, and percolators call for a coarse grind. An auto drip coffee maker will require a medium grind. Stove top espresso makers will require a fine grind but espresso machines need a super fine grind. Turkish coffee obviously require a Turkish grind.

The best method for grinding coffee is in a coffee grinder. At Roland, we sell a joint Krups grinder and coffee maker to make your daily cup a breeze to make. Visit our site to peruse our other coffee makers. 

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